Pointers/Setters Results

2017 SFTA Summer Grouse trials at Tollishill Estate |
2017 SFTA Summer Grouse trials at Tollishill Estate by gracious permission of the Duke of Northumberland, and sponsored by Red Mills Engage. Judges were Mr Daryl Edwards and Dr John Hadley.
Puppy Stake - 1st Brian Morris ISD Erinvale Mountain.
Novice Stake - 1st Peter O'Driscoll's PB American Lady.
COMs - Wilson Young's PD Gannochy Wickley of Burncastle.
Gerry Devine's ESD Ballyellen Duke.
Open Stake -1st- Donna Clarke's ISD Bownard Cherry Cherry, handled by Colin Forde.
2nd - Gerry Devine's ESB Gortinreagh Faith.
3rd - Bill Connolly's ESB FT CH Ballyellen Cara.
4th - Jon Kean's PD Fearn Questren.