Pointers/Setters Results

Kennel Club Champion Stake at Bollihope Moor | 28th July 2017
Kennel Club Champion Stake at Bollihope Moor, by kind permission of the Starshine Management Company, on July 28/29,2017. Judges - Mrs Fiona Kirk, Mr Peter O'Driscoll and Mr Terry Harris.
1st - Wilson Young's PD FT CH Fearn Quark of Burncastle.
2nd - Mr E. Filmer's PD Koram Murphy of Wye, handled by Alan Neill.
3rd - Billy Darragh's ISB Erinvale Jenna.
4th - Mrs Sue Langford and Mr A.Neill's PB Goddrib Messina.
Diplomas of Merit - Alan Neill's PD Amsenoy Humbug.
Steve Lound's PD Goddrib Judd.
Colin Forde's ISD Bownard Delegator.
Mr L. Hild's PB FT CH Gerensary Minerva, handled by Richard MacNicol.
Dom Goutorbe ESB FT CH Upperwood Hera.